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Kerimov Farhad general and esthetic dentist, DDS

Dr.Kerimov Farhad (DOB: 05.05.1980) in 2002 was graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical University. In 2002 - 2003 he was working as a general dentist in Dental Clinic of Azerbaijan State Medical University. 2004 - Internship in General Dentistry, Prostodontics and Endodontics, StayWell Health Center, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. From 2005 to present he is working in "WorldMed" clinic as a general and esthetic dentist.

While working he was attending different trainings and seminars.

2004 – June 25, Certificate from St. Petersburg Dental Institution "Digital radiography in the Practical Dentistry", "Fundamentals of X-Ray diagnostics in Dentistry", Russia

2005 – January 20, Certificate from St. Petersburg Dental Institution "Digital and zonal filmography of dentoalveolar system and maxillofacial area", Russia

2007 – Internship in "General Dentistry, Prostodontics and Endodontics", Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.

2007 – "Tooth preparation for advanced practitioner: overcrowded teeth, diastemas and gummy smile", New York, USA.

2007 – June 18, Certificate from Sybron Dental Specialties "Possibility of Composit Restorations", Zurich, Switzerland

2007 - September 9, 10 "Chair side training program at the Clinic of Dr. Orcan Yuksel, Frankfurt, Germany.

2007 - October 6, "Prognostication of success aesthetic restorations in frontal area", "Modern protocol of Complex aesthetic rehabilitation", Baku, Azerbaijan.

2007 - November, "General and Implant Dentistry" with Christian Lex, University Clinic of Nurnberg, Germany

2008 - November, "Direct restoration of interior teeth", Baku, Azerbaijan

2008 – December 15 -19, Training in EUROSTOM Dental Experience Centre, Ukraine

2009 – VII Forum of Stomatologists of CIS. Greece

2009 – April 6 - 9, Ultradent International Conference, Greece

2010 – October 7 - 10, VIII Forum of Stomatologists of CIS. Turkey

2011 – April, International Center for Dental Education. Erlangen, Germany. 

2011 – October 5 - 8, IX Forum of Stomatologists of CIS. Turkey

2015  – November 12-13, in Basel/ Villeret, Switzerland. Certificate on Advanced Course Program for Dentists from Azerbaijan.

2016  – October 28-29, participation in the "Second International Congress of Periodontology and Esthetic Dentistry" Baku, Azerbaijan

2017 - October 7, Lectures about "Implant Surgery and Restoration", Ukraine, Kiev

2018 – June 20-23, “Regenerative Periodontal and Implant Therapy. Peri-Implantitis and its Prevention. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2018 – September 29, participation in the "Straumann Pro Arch Seminar", Baku, Azerbaijan


 For your convenience we are open on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00.

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