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Anar Naghiyev, orthodontist, DDS

Dr.Anar Nagiyev (DOB 16.01.1975) in 1997 was graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical University. From 1998 till 2005 he was working as an orthodontist in Azerbaijan State Dental clinic. In 2003 - intership at dental school of Virginia (Richmond, USA). From 2005 to present he is working in "WorldMed" dental clinic as an orthodontist. While working he was attending different trainings and seminars. He is a member of Azerbaijan Professional Orthodontists Society, as well as World Federation of Orthodontists.

While working he was attentden different trainings and seminars worldwhide.

2002 – Completed a course of "Diagnosis, treatment planning and correction of Class 2 malocclusion with emphasis of fixed appliances", Germany

2003 – Completed a course at Dental School of Virginia in Richmond, USA

2004 – Completed a course of "Applications of Smart Wires in Biomechanics and Edgewise Orthodontics" in Marmara University in Turkey

2004 – Completed a course of "Modern Straight Wire Treatment Philosophy", in Marmara University in Turkey.

2005 – "Micro Implant Anchorage Orthodontics", Daegu, Korea

2005 – "Conventional Lingual, orthodontic treatment and plain wire system", Baku, Azerbaijan

2005 – "Lingual Orthodontic Treatment", Daegu, Korea

2006 – Introduction to Edgewise technics. Baku, Azerbaijan

2006 – Completed a course of "The Principles of Alexander Discipline". Baku, Azerbaijan

2006 – Completed a course of "Directional Force Technology using SWA and MIA", Baku, Azerbaijan.

2007 – Completed a course of "Temporary Anchorage Devices". Baku, Azerbaijan.

2007 – Attended of the second International Azerbaijan Professional Orthodontists Association. Baku, Azerbaijan

2008 – Completed a course of "Modern orthodontics. The Use of selfigating systems", Baku, Azerbaijan.

2008 – 2nd Forestadent Symposium. Athens, Greece

2008 – Completed the 2nd Asian Micro – Implant Anchorage Congress. Korea

2010 – 8th International Symposium "Orthodontics 2010" Prague, Czech Republic.

2011 – 87th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society. Istanbul, Turkey

2011 – "Low friction and skeletal anchorage for a modern orthodontics treatment", Baku, Azerbaijan

2012 – Has attended the Course “Adult Orthodontics” Baku, Azerbaijan

2012 – Forestadent Symposium. Budapest

2012 - "MTB technique with extraction cases", Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 – 2 D Lingual Hands – on – Course. Baku, Azerbaijan.

2013 – Forestadent Symposium. Cascais, Portugal

2013 – "Open Bite and Easy Lingual" Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 – May 12-14, “Easy solutions for orthodontic problems with BioQuick
             Brackets”, Baku, Azerbaijan

2019 – February 23, “Orthodontic Treatment of Class III malocclusions”, Tbilisi,


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